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Canyon de Chelly Photos by Bad Bear


Western Shoshone Long Walker Carl Bad Bear Sampson shares his photos from Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Nation. Bad Bear just finished walking across this land  on Longest Walk 5 and is visiting Navajoland.
Thank you Bad Bear for sharing with Censored News!

Mohawk Nation News 'The Perfect Race!'

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lakota Tonia Stands on Makazita White River: Crow Butte Uranium Poisoning Water

Lakota Tonia Stands on Makazita White River -- Crow Butte Uranium Poisoning Water

Article and photos by Tonia Stands, Lakota
Copyright Tonia Stands
Censored News
Published with permission

Yesterday I got to go to a place of happiness and fun made me cry. I could still hear everyone laughing and swimming. It was a hot day, it gets well over 100 this time year. I got to go along side the River that raised me, WHITE RIVER called MAKAZITA in Lakota. The water that my Grandparents fished in and lived off our relatives, the Fish. It provided plenty for ages upon Ages. We aren't the only Relatives that lived along side MAKAZITA. There are huge NESTS for miles all the way thru. This is a very important source of Water to our People here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Land of the WILD OGLALA.
Back when my Grandpas were Politicians and Tribal Council Men. They gave their salary to the Oyate (they did yes) and ate off the Land and Waters. They ate like this all the time, so much so that one of my Aunts couldn't stand this way of eating. Lol she hated fish & gamey meat. EVERYONE lived and loved it though. It was beautifully abundant here.
Geiger Counter

West of Oglala, there's a break where the WHITE CLAY MAKA SAN Creek is the waterway to Pine Ridge and into White Clay. This a old Ghost Dance area. I know this area so well, my first home. I always wanted to live here again. We used the dirt clay to paste and seal our walls on the log cabins we grew up in. I had no electricity and running water. We had a hand pump and wood stove. I loved it here. I was born into Survivalist mode here. We even walked into Loneman.
Well I would love to eat here as they did but we can't. We can't because CROW BUTTE URANIUM is pumping, spewing, leaking, spraying, re-injecting ...THEIR DIRTY RADIOACTIVE NIGHTMARE come true in our White River and Below in the AQUIFERS. I have seen my Brothers, and even myself pull fish out deformed and blistered all along this water. We have always fished here for years but never ate the fish. We don't swim anymore here. (Although, our Oyate still swim here.) Last time, I was young, I remember my elders telling me to stay out of the water. We don't like to hunt anymore because we feel so bad for our relatives that drink right from the Uranium Waters. They are our relatives and medicine all along this MAKAZITA White River. We have gathered medicines all along this area. So much grows here. We can't. We know they are sick. Instead we pray and let them go.
I remember so vivid as a little Girl, running down to the water then up on top the Badlands. All day we ran around out there. There is a little stream here, that was my Big River. Oh it was so fun. Now my highest Radiation readings are down by the very same MAKAZITA!! WHITE RIVER. It is so Unbearable I could die just starring at what's really happening here.
Now I have take a Geiger Counter to understand where the Radiation is high. I leave my kids behind. I can't bring them. I have so many Relatives that still live out there. It's just not fair. Now we have to hurry and get the word out. Scramble and work at putting EFFORTS together, because one day soon yet unknown to us -- the CROW BUTTE URANIUM EXPANSION HEARING WILL BE AT THE DOORSTEP OF OUR COMING DAYS. We have to face it and hopefully by then, we have so much evidence to prove that we are being under so much CONTAMINATION and Radiation. We have to stop this. We have to force them to stop because they won't, they don't want to. They don't care. They won't care. But we have to. We have to care. We have to talk and stay educated. We have to be the fierce smart Warrior and get this done -- together. Because it's coming -- any day now.


Friday, July 21, 2017

From The Vortex -- A Song for the Water -- Mni Wiconi


A Song for the Water, in Beauty and Peace, as the Resistance to Keystone XL Grows

Video by Govinda, Spirit Resistance Radio
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

EAGLE BUTTE, South Dakota -- Willis, Lakota traditional singer, says the songs can bring people up to the power of beauty.
"Don't let anyone ruin your day, think of a song, think of something that makes you happy."
Willis said this camp of water protectors here is referred to as "The Vortex."
Speaking with Spirit Resistance Radio, at the Wakpa Waste powwow grounds, Willis said, "We like to keep our camp traditional. We try to apply some of the traditional justice laws that we had a long time ago, to today's laws."
When people try to agitate, people are given three chances, he said. "If they don't want to stop, that's when they have to leave."
Willis loves singing traditional songs and he loves this land, and the water.
Willis, from Cherry Creek, South Dakota said the Keystone XL Pipeline will go about 20 miles from his home, where the pipeline route targets this land.
Willis remembers defending the water at Standing Rock, and how his grandmother and young daughter had dreams of what would happen to the water protectors.
"My grandma knew how bad it was going to be."
She knew they would be shooting rubber bullets at the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.
His young daughter dreamed of him getting shot.
Willis was there when they sicced the dogs on them.
"It wasn't suppose to be a race thing."
"It was supposed to be about water for everybody."
If they contaminate the water, it will effect 18 million people. "Without water, we wouldn't have life, we wouldn't be here," he said.
His grandma came after him at Standing Rock camp -- more than once. She said, "It is going to be bad, I don't want my grandkids to be here."
"She said if I got shot, she doesn't know what she would do."
Now at Wakpa Waste Camp, where water protectors came when the water protector camps were leveled at Standing Rock, Willis speaks out for peace, beauty and the water.
"We're still going to keep it peaceful."
"I'm still in the fight. I feel like this is where I have to be."
Remembering the aerial surveillance of water protectors at Standing Rock, he said even now at Wakpa Waste Camp at Eagle Butte on Cheyenne River Lakota land, the same drones that were at Standing Rock continue.
Water protectors are preparing to battle the Keystone XL Pipeline, which targets the Ogallala Aquifer. 
"They say they are arming themselves with real bullets this time."
"Stay in Peace," says Willis.
Listen to Willis sing Mni Wiconi.
"That's the song that first came to us. We took that up there, to the people," Willis said.
A Time for Healing
Spirit Resistance Radio hears from a water protector now at Eagle Butte in a second interview.
During this time of transition, people are healing at Wakpa Waste Camp, Josephine said. They are also working in the community to help the Cheyenne River Lakota community.
The mercenaries are in the pipeline Man Camps and the helicopter of Dakota Access Pipeline is above -- the yellow DAPL helicopter that was overhead at Standing Rock -- has been overhead.
"The Man Camps bring alcohol, drugs, all kinds of things."
Josephine urges the people to be humble, be united, and work together to protect Mother Earth and Future Generations.
"Get the fear out of your hearts."
"Remember prayer, unity and love."
It is the U.S. government that is protecting the corporations.
But the water protectors showed them they were not afraid.
Josephine remembers when they were hit with water cannons and pelted with projectiles in the subzero night as they defended their water source, the Missouri River, from the Dakota Access Pipeline.
"We showed them that we would still stand up."
"Show no fear."
"Remember Creator is watching over us."

Onkwehonwe and Chahta confront Columbus replica ships, vile history

Onkwehonwe and Chahta confront Columbus replica ships, vile history

Nina and Pinta replica ships of Columbus Foundation confronted with Columbus' vile atrocities

Article by Leadhorse Choctaw
Photos courtesy Neddie Katsitsiaionhne, Akwesasne
Censored News

Onkwehonwe (mohawks) Northern. Chahta (choctaw) Southern confront columbus captain and ships. ORDERS: DOCK SHIP FOR INSPECTION.
Akwesasne Longhouse People canoe to ships to say 'no entrance.' Speak on the people who were taken and eaten as food supply for columbus and shipmates. Documented on columbus that original people were eaten also we were called the long pig explaining we tasted almost as the short pig. (Note: Paynes doctrine) where term Indian steak comes from. It's why fish is now eaten on good Friday as to stop invaders from eating man.

Photos at Albany Yaht Club, Rensselaer New York

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Apartheid Makers -- Silencing Dissent, Spy Towers and Obsession with a Palestinian Flag at Standing Rock

Apartheid Makers -- Silencing Dissent, Spy Towers and Obsession with a Palestinian Flag at Standing Rock

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat:
Forty-three U.S. Senators want to make it a felony to boycott Israel, and support Palestine. Meanwhile, MuckRock reveals that unlicensed TigerSwan mercenaries stalked Palestinians at Standing Rock camps. Public relations firms hired by Dakota Access Pipeline -- and their web of select media -- were particularly obsessed over a Palestinian flag at Standing Rock.
This comes as Israeli Apartheid contractor Elbit Systems is ready to build spy towers on Tohono O'odham Nation land, where there are O'odham burial places.

Israeli contractor ready to build spy towers on O'odham burial places

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